David R. Smith

Even though he was raised in a loving, Christian home, David spent most of his teen years living far from the will of God. But just before graduating high school, he gave his life to Christ at a youth event in Gainesville, FL. It would only be a matter of months before he received a call to ministry.

Immediately, David began to serve as a youth leader in his church – at the wise old age of 18 – and continued doing so while acquiring two undergraduate degrees in college. Afterwards, David attended seminary and gained a Master of Divinity in Church Ministry and was then ordained in the Southern Baptist Church.

Since then, David has focused his efforts on helping the local church. He’s has pastored hundreds, spoken to thousands, and equipped ministry leaders around the world through training events, seminars, articles, and books.

Somewhere along the way, David found the time to meet, date, and marry a fabulous girl named Jennifer (who’s way out of his league). Now, they both enjoy ministry leadership, and their son, Josiah Michael.

When David isn’t preaching, he’s usually looking for great BBQ joints or his errant golf shots.

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